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Charles Skowron

Since it’s just been released in theaters in the U.K. some reviews have come in from there (along with a few early ones in the U.S.), and so far, the reaction has been overwhelmingly positive.

As of now (Sept. 14), the Rotten Tomatoes rating is at an astonishing 97% “fresh”.  There are still, of course, a lot of people (and critics) yet to see it. But this bodes well that we won’t see a dud.

BUT, then again, I clearly remember the reviews being just as positive when the Senna documentary was released two years ago. I bought in to all the praise and expected much of the same from my view as I headed to the theater.

And when it was over, I came out of it pretty underwhelmed. So this time, I’m holding judgment and keeping pretty reserved until I actually see the film myself.