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Ambrose Buldo

Rodney – I’ll check you suggestion on throttle cable routing, but pretty sure that is not the issue.

I had a friend send me the following (BELOW) suggestion, that sounds probable as it does feel like it accelerates rather then just sticks when I let go of the throttle. I will explore it next time I go to the track. It is a new engine install and problem has been there since day one thus I think it is something with my installation.

He says –

<span style=”-webkit-text-size-adjust: auto;”>”Ha! Classic Rotax issue.  They’ll sometimes run faster with the slide lower, so that’s why it accelerates when you back off of the throttle. Those motors are over carbureted. Make sure the bottom curved end of the slide does not open past the top of the Venturi. And you can probably run a richer main jet.”  </span>