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Ambrose Buldo

Was at the track this weekend (OVRP NY). Still experiencing the OverRev issue at the end the straight. When I let got of the throttle, revs don’t drop right away, in fact it still continues to increase a little.

I adjusted the throttle slide/cable to make sure I am not going “Over the Top” – No change.

I tried main Jets from 152 all the way to 165 – No change.

Power-valve was cleaned and rebuilt – No Change.

Just rebuilt fuel pump

My foot, suit or arm is not interfering with throttle cable.

The throttle cable or pedal is not hanging up. Cable was new and is not binding

The clutch was cleaned as I was thinking maybe it was not disengiaging (New style).

As finial test, as John suggested, I put a good known Carb on and problem persisted.  For this test I utilized my current slide and throttle cable assembly – No change.

I made sure the carb was square to both the engine and airbox.

I am driving around the issue for my lifting early, more of a nuisance, but would like to solve this mystery.

Hope to hit the track this weekend, any suggestions?