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Matthias Schümann

Hello again

Now I found out a bit more about this Superkart, it is an Anderson Mirage fitted with kelgate brakes, and the engine is in fact a rotax 258.

The guy who used to own it, used it for trackdays, not very competitive the laptimes he showed me were about 20 seconds of a competitive pace, it was painted in red bull colors completely with all the stickers, to match his friends f1 ferrari red PVP.

The Kart is in need of some tlc, the chassis is straight, but some of the solutions and fittings on the Kart made me roll my eyes, more than once I must add. But this is reflected in the price.

It need’s new Cik spec bumpers, and a total teardown/rebuild, not a problem for me, I have rebuild all kinds of racing cars starting with a bare chassis.

My dilemma at the moment is I have been offered an absolutely mint Mirage, as a rolling chassis , completely updated to 2012 spec, with 5 star braking system, it only needs an engine to go, for about two thirds of the price i would have to pay for the other Kart, I have to decide what I do.

I have some pictures of the kart and engine mounting I just don’t know how to post them here.

Best regards Matthias