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David McDowell


If you want to race 125’s come up to Medford we should have a pretty decent class next year. If you would like some good shifter racing get a 80 and come race with us next year.


With that said, I would recommend starting with a less powerful kart and get some seat time. ¬†Even with the track time you have with car’s, a shifter kart is a completely different animal. This year we had 6 guys move into shifter from tag and wf, and for all of us it was a huge jump in driving and speed. It took us all three or four races until we finally got up to speed and got some good racing.


As for chassis I would take the advice of the two above and look for a newer kart. I got my 80 kart put together by purchasing a 2010 CRG roller chassis for $1400, and a old Emmick chassis with new motor on it for $900. So you can get into a shifter on your budget you just have to be creative and smart with your decisions.


Good luck and hope to see you at the track.

Don’t just run around by yourself, the thrill of the pack is much greater.