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Kevin Reguera

Thanks for the input guys!

To answer your question Steve, no, I have not driven an animal yet.  I was offered to do so but I feel funny about borrowing other people’s hard earned stuff.  I just can’t get myself to borrow things especially something like a kart.  I know there are lots of very generous people willing to and I’d do the same but it’s just a thing for me.

I understand what you are saying about wanting to be in a pack of karts because I’d bet that would be awesome!  I know I love that feeling in my vette on the road course!  However, for me it’s a bit of both…the need for speed, and the comradery of bumping and grinding with other racers.

I’m still soaking up all this stuff about karts and trying to learn as much as I can while being patient before I pull the trigger.

Thanks again guys!