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Ted Hamilton

Roger — I think he means breadbox sidepods and skinny front and rear bumpers. :) We raced the 100cc reed / rotary class there in 2002 and had a blast… Someone from Jamaica was in our class, and some other big names from ICA, etc. Alfonso Ribeiro was there in a shifter, and I think Alan Rudolph won that year. They were getting air off the crosswalk seams — I wonder how much air the unlimiteds will be getting with nitrous. Walking across the right hander in between races was asking to lose a shoe in the rubber and tar…..and that microbrewery nearby had GREAT food and ale… Shoot, I’m almost ready to ditch my 10 mo. old and wife and hitchhike there to watch, but I suspect my karts would be consumed in a fire while I was gone…. :) “What happens in Rock Island…..”

2014 Praga Dragon / IAME KA-100