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Mike Clark


My brother is headed to Canada right now, not sure which part, but it is goose hunting related.

Thanks for the response. I probably should have gone LO206 in the first place. At least I have heard a lot of good things about the LO206 in the past couple of days. Lately a lot of Rotax here have been having shorter than expected service life so that is not attractive. Super Sportsman was billed as the way to go. I am disappointed in the way the removal of this class was handled. I am currently trying to get answers on if I can run in a class with no points or awards.

I know there is no perfect class structure. Even minimum weight is hard to please everybody. Cost vs performance vs reliability vs maintain is hard to balance.

The groups will run as follows:
Group 1
JR 1
JR 2
Micro Max

Group 2
SR 4

Group 3
Mini Max

Group 4
JR Max
SR Max
Masters Max

Group 5
DD2 Masters

Group 6