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Rob Kozakowski

First, if a club has a strong Board with a lack of self-interest, they need to ensure the class structure works for the market they’re serving.

Second, there is no “perfect” class structure that will make everyone happy.  You add lots of classes, and you end up with classes with 2-3 karts, and no track time.  You narrow it down too much, and someone ends up with obsolete equipment.

Realistically, I’d say that’s probably a pretty decent structure (maybe even a great structure).  But without knowing the market, maybe I’m totally wrong.

The only thing that stands out is ideally you’d combine some of those groups to keep track time to a maximum and/or to keep the day shorter.

Whether it’s Rotax or TAG, I’d say take your pick based on what the local market demands.  For example, I live in Canada where it’s really all Rotax in 2-strokes.  Although I’d rather go TAG to open up my choices a bit, it’s not all about me, so I run Rotax.

Again with the shifters, personally I’d open it up to RWYB rather than strict Stock Honda.  But, I certainly can’t fault a club for going S2/S4 given all the benefits of that structure, provided it fits the local needs.

I agree with David Cole that the LO206 is an awesome package – user-friendly, reliable, and cost effective, and with a few minor changes it can be used from the little guys all the way up to the seniors – it’s exactly what this sport needs.

The one other comment I’d make is that it never helps a club to turn anyone with a safe kart away.  If it were me, I’d have a true RWYB class for anyone else who wants to get on the track (like the KT’s).  Find a group to run them with, no trophies, no points, but don’t turn them away.  Get them on the track, show them you want them by giving them a place to run, then gently “encourage” them to consider moving into the “real” classes.

It appears you’re not ready for the jump to Rotax.  I know it kind of sucks, but If I were you, I’d post an ad for those KT’s on EKN and buy a LO206.  Even if you take a bit of a loss on the KT’s, the odds are very likely you’ll spend less in the long run with the LO206.  They’re cheap to buy, and very cheap to run – run it right out of the box, change oil, add gas, adjust valve lash, inexpensive clutches that don’t need lots of maintenance, etc.