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Brian Wilhelm

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So.. I have a PVP with a GasGas 250 that i am thinking of running at Daytona at the end of year.. What i was thinking of doing is to remove the rear wing assembly altogether and run on the high banks just like that… my question is.. can i do that or will there be some sort of overpowering downforce from the front nose area and therefore breaking loose the rear end due to lack of rear end downforce ?? perhaps the high degree of banking may help but i have no idea at all… 

Thanks !!

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Jeff, love to see how the GasGas would do there! IMO, I’d guess if you dialed out some front downforce, it may be fine. Bobby took the wing off his 250 year before last to gain top end, but didn’t like how it drove. I’ve been bugging Don E. to bring his GasGas to Daytona and last time I talked to him, that was still the plan. The magic number is 145!