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Dustin McGrew

I can’t quote properly.. and I’m a web developer.. not sure many people are going to figure it out. David, I know I’ve put in my fair share of complaints but I wish you’d listen at some point. I do this for a living and I know how web-users think. Nobody is going to read that FAQ. Things should just work without having to make people think. Like in the old forum, we hit quote, and the quote tags were really visible. Everyone understood how that worked because it was clear what was happening. When I hit quote on this forum nothing happens besides the quoted post getting put into the text editor. There’s no way to see exactly where to start typing. I guessed that just hitting enter to go on to the next line would work, but it didn’t.

Posting images is also very confusing for people. People are used to the way almost all other forums work with bbCode tags. This forum is very far from the norm and doesn’t really offer any advantages to us as users of EKN. I know you love this site for the ease of use of posting news, which is awesome, WordPress is great. I’m just not sure its forum capabilities are good enough.

This forum, for me, is just alright. I can work my way around the annoyances, but there’s no way this is an upgrade over the old forum.

I hate to kind of bash the forum again but I’ve seen very little improvement. Simple things like links opening in new windows/tabs are still not implemented.

I hope you don’t take offense to this and take it as real advice.