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Paul Lopez



The track gets run clockwise and counterclockwise. Also  the counterclockwise layout gets changed slightly that shaves ~2 seconds off your time. See this link the change is under the “Track A layout counter chicane” the pic furthest to the right, turns 5 & 6.


Homestead does a double race weekend Saturday & Sunday. Something i personally am not a fan of because as of now i do not race, i only practice so i cannot kart on race weekends. Also they give virtually no practice time on racedays.

Cost is $15 dollars per person just to enter the track on racedays. That is good for Friday (practice day), Saturday (race day), and Sunday(race day) if you are just a spectator. IF you are a Driver you must pay an additional $65 dollars for each day you want to race. (Saturday or Sunday). If you want to practice on that Friday it costs an additional $20 dollars. So if you we were to add it all up you could spend a total of $180 dollars between Friday (Practice), Saturday (race), Sunday (race).

Tracktime per class on racedays is as follows:

5 minute warmup

5 minute qualify

7 lap race

10 lap race

Um yea thats it….. Thats what $80 buks gets you if you decide to be a driver for one raceday.

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