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Clark Gaynor Sr.

Paul, I’ll try to answer as many of your questions as I can.

Friday: all day practice by “groups” (4 groups- slow sprints, slow laydowns, 125 shifters and fast laydown stuff).  Usually runs from about 8:30/9 AM til about 4 PM, at which time 1 or 2 local option classes race.  You’ll get about 6 or 7 “rounds” of practice for each group, about 10 minutes for each group per session.

Saturday: practice in the AM, usually 2 or 3 short rounds.  Races start.  Each race is a stand alone race.  Meaning nothing you did Friday counts for anything on Saturday or Sunday.  No qualifying.   If you wish to race both Sat and Sun, we need to sign in for each separately.   Whatever your results from Saturday’s race has nothing to do with Sunday’s race.  Entirely different races, for their own awards.  Starting position is determined by when you register.  First in starts on pole, last in starts last.

Sunday: same deal as Saturday.  Eg: if you can only race Sunday, that’s fine.  Sunday’s races are their own separate events from Saturday.

125 Shifter classes:  The 1 and 2 thing is #1 races Sat, #2 races Sunday.  That’s the only difference.  Same drivers, karts, rules, etc.

Stock Honda is the biggest, with usually 20+ competitors.  CIK and WKA 125 are really just light and heavy.  CIK125 at 390 pounds, and WKA125 at 410 pounds.  CIK and WKA 125 are for mod motos and ICC’s, but Stock Honda’s are more the welcome to compete.

Daily schedule is part of the registration form, which is posted above.

Hope that helps,

Clark Gaynor Sr.  WKC VP.