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Gary Smith

Larry, you hit the nail on the head, there is no after market support for these motors, that is why a Honda CR80 is a perfect package, there are motor mounts, #428 counter shaft sprockets, and pipes readily available. You can’t race this package, but who cares? I just want to bang gears and have fun on practice days!

Greg ,I’m an old guy also, my buds have 125cc Hondas, they try to talk me out of this 80cc junior crap all the time, I keep telling them, “How come you show up at work on Monday with all your aches and pains from karting? I feel fine, no problems.” I get to bang gears all day long, go pretty fast without the brutal beating of a 125cc shifter. As far as cost, I don’t see it, a properly running stock CR125 needs nothing more than a top end every 15 hours or so, for about $125, if you do the work yourself, and a bottom end every 50 hours.

Just my  2 cents

Been there, looked at it, went to Honda CR80 instead.


Honda CR80 #55