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mal crosher

Done it . Don’t . Just finish up with pile of junk engines with trashed gearboxes.

last a whole 10 min on bitumen kart. limited amount of downshift/ compression lock ups before they say good bye.

botm manual and semi auto.

Unless you go out and spend $500 on Takegaw 5 speed. Then you’ll want Takegawa casings as with most of these china XY pattern
I have a sand off road buggy with one which is 3 speed and reverse. done on engine already . gearbox. I have since found the Lifan and Loncin brand ones are the best of them and on the dirt seem to be holding up. You can get the gears in various patterns. Only Takegawa does the 5 speed i know of.
This is Underbone racing in Asia. 115cc seems to be best for these engines. all takegawa stuff