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Bob Baldwin

Keith : actually so far I have missed it . Certainly at that level it takes a BOATLOAD of $$$$ to make it happen . Actually I think Patrick Dempsey has the Racecraft talent to make it happen  . There are more than a few “Actors ” that have Raced  on their own DIME so to say James Garner and others come to mind but Not at this level . I actually met Dempsey through my daughter at Daytona a few years ago very brief but got the impression he was very level headed had some stated goals that you sumized he would attain ..

Back in Conn Many moons ago My father was involved in Real Estate Development one of the Properties he had managed was an old industrial building that Paul Newman owned .well he called me up and said we were meeting him at 2:30 at the bldg ,So I picked up my daughter at high School at 2:00 drove to the bldg met my father 5 minutes latter Newman shows up , Kind of thought he would have had a few Business advisors with him but that was NOT the case .Did about a 30 minute walk through with him ,He approved the changes meeting done . Walked back to the cars and my father left . just before he got in the car he turned to my daughter and asked if she were the one that had helped him with some issues at Watkins glen ? Yes she said and the next thing you know we are discussing racing for about an hour .

I don’t recall the whole conversation but a few things stuck out in my mind .

Was he Cheap 0r Frugal in his Spending ?

NO realized he was fortunate enough to invest his funds to CHASE his DREAMS

Did the “NAME” recognition help with the Sponsorship ?

Yes to some extent but he was actually surprised that SOME companies wanting to participate really had NO idea at all about racing . He actually had 2 guys that were doing the Sponsorship seeking on a % basis .

Could he have self funded to get to the next level ?

Yes but remembering back to the days when he lived in a 5th floor Walk-up Apt he thought it would be Challenging to seek sponsorship.

was it Worth the EFFORT ?

To some extent YES though even on his own he was working 45-50 hours per week to reach his goals

We all TEND to think that ACTORS are somewhat Spoiled for the compensation they get for WHAT appears to be an EASY life . But Paul Newman achieved his dream and I am quite sure Patrick Dempsey with a LOT of hard work will achieve his also