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Chris Livengood

The series is a little misleading. One on hand they say that he isn’t doing it the easy way and he isn’t buying his way up. On the other hand the ignore that he’s never been fast, and that all he can consistently do is use up spare parts competently. I’ve seen him on track for years now, he’s had a few decent runs, but nothing amazing. If there is one thing that Pat is doing right it’s that he is surrounding himself with a fair amount of talent. That alone will likely be good for his future as a driver.

As for the show, the production quality is really good. It’s not Truth in 24 good, but it is good. I love that it covers sports car racing and that it makes it sexy again. It puts the James Dean on sports cars, and that is amazing. My girlfriend, who initially wanted nothing to do with it, even found it mildly interesting. To be fair, she does like Top Gear, but also probably finds Pat sexy.