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Stu Hayner

I race in the F100 series out in Southern California, which is the series TJ is talking about.

Even though the HPV/KPV engines out number the KT’s, the way the rules are set, the KT engines are a pretty good match.

The KT’s are allowed to run at a lower weight and the clutch Is open. A good driver in a dialed in kart can win with the KT set up, especially on the tighter tracks.

Both engines are 100cc air pumps with the same carbs and pipes. They should be close. Most guys seem to like the new pipes on the Yamaha over the cans, and quite a few think they sound better.

The racing has been very close at every track, and gets better every month. The next race is Nov 30 and we are expecting over 50 100cc drivers. (They had 41 last race)

The Formula 100 Karting Series is designed to provide a competitive, fun and cost-effective racing environment for all ages and skill levels, beginners to professionals, and strive to provide the best racing for the lowest price with a particular focus on driver development and proper racing etiquette and technique.

If you’d like to know more, go to F100karters.com.

Great fun!