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Todd Kageals


It’s actually quite easy to load using my electric kart stand (still the best karting money I have spent).  With the van empty, you push the kart with stand up to the back doors and lower it using the winch right onto the floor of the van (you just pull the stand backwards as it comes down.  Then you put in the wood rack (it just sits right over top of the bottom kart with its legs on the floor).  Put the other kart on the electric stand and push it right up to the bottom of the ramp/rack (it’s inclined so that the back end is the same height as the electric stand).  Push the kart of the stand and slide it up the ramp.  I’ve loaded both karts 2x now by myself with no assistance and didn’t even break a sweat!  It easy to strap it down because the van has sliding doors on both sides so you have easy access to everything.  The only things that have to be removed are the side pods and the rear tires.  I need to make a rack for the toolbox and I have one of those trailer hitch cargo carriers for the electric stand.  I can’t park a trailer here at my house and this keeps the karts out of the garage when I am home.  Easy to drive/park/maneuver, great gas mileage.  It’s almost ideal as a minimalist kart enthusiast!  I wish it was two inches wider at the door opening and between the wheel wells.  The extra width would allow the rear tires and sidepods to stay on (not a big deal though).  The rear tires actually fit inside the walls but not through the door opening.  Anyway….makes it easier to get to the track and cleans up some issue here at home (karts taking up wife’s parking place ;)  Amazing gas mileage for its size (better than my BMW sedan….WTF????)  Well….it only has 136 hp compared to the bimmer’s 300 so I guess there’s a tradeoff in there somewhere.