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Bob Baldwin

Todd : saw an interesting vehicle today I wish I had taken a picture of it as relates to VANS . I pulled off the interstate at a Quick Stop for a Snack / Drink / Gas . A father and son pulled in with a van not sure if it was a Dodge or GMC product . The father did mention that it was an Extended Van . Obviously the Motor up front . Seating front was 2 bucket seats , rear originally was a long bench seat ,they had taken it out and replaced it with 2 bucket seats . Behind that was mounted guessing 8ft wide 10ft long cargo box type unit with a rear roll up door you could also access it through the space between the 2 rear bucket seats it had 2 fold up bunks mounted to the side inside the cargo box . pretty nicely laid out .

Anyhow the unit apparenty had come newwith the cargo box mounted . The father told me  they had purchased it from a Ryder Truck Rental Regional office apparently they run their units so many miles than sell / auction them off before they get new ones . It cost him $4200 before he did the modifications that he did . and repainting . looked real nice .ran like a Charm for a vehicle with 230,000 miles on it . forgot to mention the kid was a motor cross racer