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Brian Wilson

I went to the races, but couldn’t take my Aixro. According to the tracking info I have, my engine is still sitting in customs in NY where it has been for almost a month now.  As far as others karts, Brian D emailed me that a family member was having health issues and he was going to be out of state for the weekend and unable to attend. There was a grid of 13 or 14 shifters….if all were stock Honda, I don’t know. I do know there were no ICC’s.  Since my motor hasn’t cleared customs yet and still needs to be shipped from NY, doesn’t look like I’ll be making Homestead either.

I believe the lack of participation may also have to do with the lack of traffic on this new forum version. On the old forum, you couldn’t go 10 minutes without a new post being made in the shifter section, now you can go a day or more. Don’t know if it’s fewer members in general or just fewer active posters.