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Brian Wilson

Question for participants on race dates. PBIR had to change the November 24th race date and we have a couple of options and I would like input to see what you would prefer. The only other date available for PBIR in November is the 30th, which is the same weekend as Thanksgiving, which may be an issue for those traveling or hosting company during the Holiday. The other dates are either going to be October 13th or December 15th. The other option is to move the Homestead date from October 5th to November 2nd and have PBIR on October 13th, which would put one race a month with a few weeks between races. I’m flexible, just want to try and accommodate everyone.

Here are the choices.

Calendar 1                                                                          Calendar 2

Ocala September 21st                                                   Ocala September 21st

Homestead October 5th                                               PBIR October 13th

PBIR November 30th                                                    Homestead November 2nd

Or we could put another date for Ocala in November and have PBIR in December and have a 4 race series.

Any thoughts or comments?