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Brian Wilson

James, although I respect your opinion, I respectfully disagree. For one reason or another, the size of shifter classes have dwindled and at some tracks are no longer offered. There are alot of shifters out there that don’t race or those that do that would prefer to run with larger field. When I got into shifters, there was no spec stock moto class…it was just shifters. Then ICC came along and really screwed the class (in my opinion) and fragmented the class into spec stock moto, mod moto and ICC. Eventually non spec stock moto and mod moto were left with no place to race. With dwindling numbers, shifters had the choice of jumping to TaG or not having anyone to race against. This class is being put together to bring those people out and give them a place to have fun with some friendly competition. Why is Aixro on the list? You may call it a selfish reason, but Brian D and myself both have one and we’ll show up.