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matthew odonnell


Location? southern California Orange County. so the tracks i have near by is Cal Speedway, theres one in orange and little more out there in riverside

Sprint or road? I think I would prefer sprint tracks b/c I like a more technical track

Class? well I was hoping to use this thread to narrow that down. the general advice is not to start with a shifter cart so I will listen to that and go with a single speed one but i want a class where i can rebuild my own motors to differ some of the costs and b/c i enjoy that stuff. so with all that said what is the most competitive single speed open motor Class

Long Term Goals? well my micheal shumacker and lewis Hamilton days are behind me so i know im not going pro. long term goals are really for my kids to be successful when i have them and i would like to really know the ins and outs of the sport to give the best shot at being good

Level of racing? start at the club level and if im winning and have the funds move to region and national in theory


Walt you said you just bought a motor from harbor freight.do you not have to run a specific motor or just anything under the class specific CC Rate

What is engine blueprints? is that like its dino stats?

Drivers Weight? i see some classes have a drivers weight minimum how is weight added to the lighter drivers

Eric you said 75% of all tuning and Maintenance can be done by the driver. what is the 25% that Cant be Done.

Also $3000-$7000 :) :) i wouldn’t keep my Kart at the track so the would neglect the racing cost

that’s it for now


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