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matthew odonnell

Cheers to you too john.  i got lucky with my better half she likes the racing stuff aswell and sees that karting can be a good cost effective option.  although she does heckle me about having 3 sports cars(M3(Rachel), 944 Turbo(Princess) and 944 spec car (Amber)) and i am coming to the realization that one of those would have to go if i got into Karting(simple not enough garage space). but to get rid of one would be like choosing one of your kids to sell to an orphanage…

So to be better prepared if the time comes which  kid to sell. rachel cant go she was my first born. so it would be between the 944s. Princess is our nice car to go out in and is almost in too good of condition to get rid of. but she is costing me the most in insurance and repair costs. Amber is costing me nothing to keep and would like to keep around if i find that karting is not for me. but i dont actually “Need” her

thanks for your post Rob i found it incredibly helpful and it put things in a better perspective.

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