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Mike Clark


Chassis tuning can also consist of changing ackerman, front/rear ride height, seat location and even moving any added weight around. You can also stiffen the front/rear of the chassis on some. Track width front/rear is also an option. Rear axles can be tuned for stiffness as well as rear hub widths. In short it can be a big ole can of worms. Documentation is a good thing. Gearing for a particular track is also another thing you have to do.

Going see it is better. Nothing like a ride in one either. It is not quite a car and can take some getting used to. Some stuff is similar and some a little counter intuitive to a car driver. It is also not like a concession kart.

One thing is karts are very individual to the driver. So that is hard at first. It is not like I can jump in your kart and have it work for me.