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Hello Roger,

Just wanted to say a big “Thank You” from the guys with Team Long Racing (All Show No Go…)  Thanks for helping us out with the novice class and bearing with us while we try to get our sh!t together and get up to speed.

I was having major problems at Thunderhill with my carb setup on the Invader.  I now have a new pump around setup from Sharkshifter, so there should be no more cutting out in the turns.  Jim’s Italkart is running perfectly, he just needs more seat time.  Also Dan will hopefully have his new CRG shifter ready to go by then too.  He’s selling his Birel Tag Kart (listed under classifieds here).

Looking forward to ripping it up at Buttonwillow.  I have a lot of experience there on motorcycles running clockwise, but never on a kart or CCW…

We’ll be renting a garage for the day, so feel free to stop on by…

Jason B