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Bob Baldwin

John K: to some extent you are correct . Having done a Mirimid of different jobs as a GLORIFIED Gopher for NASCAR including working the debris on track trucks it was ALWAYS EMPHASIED to us ” If we throw a caution and deem debris on turn 3 you WILL look the entrance ,the turn and the exit and you WILL pick-up SOMETHING ! ” Sometimes it was obvious ,sometime NOT . Point being THEY wanted to CONTROL the race as they saw fit . Though you would be surprised some things we did find . A few things COULD have caused a tire issue but really a piece of foil or a hotdog wrapper .?

As this was the final event before “THE CHASE” , A PRODUCT that THEY HEAVILY MARKET there are a lot of $$$ on the line . Personally I liked it better when the WHOLE SERIES determined the outcome of the winner and NOT re-setting the points to the final few races . We are STUCK with it and I DON’t see it Changing . Thought you have to give credit they are the MASTERS of ¬†MARKETING .