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Bob Baldwin

Brian : I think both NAPA and 5 hour energy will be EVALUATING their participation with MWR

Though it appears that it is NOT just the team but also the relationship they have with the Driver .

At this point everybody is going through the motion of ” DAMAGE CONTROL” It will be interesting to see WHAT announcements are made at the END of the season . If there is any chance of MWR keeping the Sponsorship I am pretty sure that TY NORRIS will have to GO .

Quite honestly I do NOT see NAPA leaving NASCAR . Not sure about 5 hour energy . Napa has always been a big FRIEND of NASCAR ” RaceSponsor , etc; The fine by OUR standards is High $300,000.00 but really a drop in the bucket as relates to their overall corp Advertising . If you are NOT a racefan you probably are NOT worried about doing business with NAPA

The NAPA name will still be on the side of Truex’s car for the rest of the season though not affiliated with the CHASE . In my opinion the FANS could CARE LESS about the CHASE