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Bob Baldwin

Brian : Thanks for the update . Sounds like MWR will be BURNING the MIDNIGHT OIL in the DAMAGE CONTROL DEPT . QUITE the embarrassment for NAPA , AARONS , and 5 HOUR ENERGY . WELL that is certainly 10-12 million per team in WASTED ADVERTISING DOWN the DRAIN . Do you THINK the fans will continue to support those companies ? OR Business as USUAL. ?

Had this discussion with the wife she said ” Guess we are LUCKY Mikey did NOT become our son-in-law .! ”

IF you look at the BIG picture though the fine $300,000.00 is really a drop in the bucket all things considered . As the team owner in PARTNERSHIP with others ,it somewhat boils down to WHO you surround yourself with .I personally have never LIKED Ty Norris from day 1 . Don’t think they will be holding their heads too high at the next event though .