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Hey everyone, We’re looking to get a inexpensive laptop (or tablet) capable of running Race Studio for use at the track. All of our home computers are MAC, which I don’t think MyChron supports. So I was looking at the lower end laptops in the $200-$400 range; even saw a refurbished Win Surface for $300 but am not sure how RS will work on these. Has anyone had success with Race Studio on the newer Win7 or 8? There’s nothing specific about this on their site. Any suggestions are appreciated.

Darren … do I have a deal for you. I just bought a new laptop used twice specifically for that purpose – racestudio. I am a mac guy also. I hadn’t plan on getting out of karting so quickly. I would have given it away free to the new owners of my kart, but I knew they already had a laptop. I did the investigation and ended up buying a brand new ~$500 laptop loaded with Win 7. I can let you have it for 50% of what I paid for it. I was telling the wife we should donate it to good will – which it will end up going in a few weeks. PM me if interested and I can send you to a link of the computer. I bought on Amazon.


jplanaux AT yahoo.com