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Ian Harrison

Hi Chris

The 450 guys have decided that they want to be classed separately from the 250 singles, so although they compete in the same race as the 250 Nationals, they do not compete against them with regard to race or British Championship positions.

This will allow them to evolve some rules that may more suit the 450 4-stroke (like airbox, for instance) and perhaps lead to a greater interest, who knows?

The lap record for F250 National on the Snetterton 300 circuit is 1:52.836 set by Paul Platt on our last visit on his PVP/CR250. In this years GP Stephen did a 1:52.959, so getting very close to the F250 National lap record.

The KTM appears to be the only engine of choice for this class and very soon there may be a couple of 2013 versions (fuel injection, single cam, die-cast cases) competing. The new engine is a little lighter than the twin-cam version, which also has ultra strong sand cast crankcases, but we’ll have to see if the new motor is strong enough to withstand the continuous high rpm’s.

Best Regards

Ian :-)