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Gary Smith

Just checked my wiring, all connections good, with good grounds.

Plug gap .022, spec .024-.028

The motor doesn’t always  break up under WOT, it’s just this RPM range of 10,000-11,000 , it happens sometimes feathering throttle out of corner prior to nailing it. The reeds in the motor had 30 hrs on them, they were damaged, I have changed them with ones that came with cylinder,  I will try them out and see if the problem persists.

If the problem continues, I will check out the electronics, but I doubt if that is the problem, it worked fine before. (every mechanic loves that line) lmao!

I have a kill switch, like before, it worked fine before, I will disconnect it see if it makes any difference.

The motor has run a few what I would call clean laps without breaking up, and when it does, it runs like a raped ape, lots of midrange and top end. I find myself over revving between shifts at 13,500, motor still pulling.


#55 Honda CR80