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Thomas Barth

Thanks Pete for airing your laundry out on EKN. I have not received the insurance check from UPS yet as I told you. I also had decided to find another engine and put it in top shape.

(I don’t know where you are getting your pricing but it boggles the mind that a K9B is worth $2500.00. Did you pay that much for a used KZ?)

I am at the point now where I think you should sue me. If I have to watch you drag this through the mud, I’m all for it. I have no control over how UPS handles the claim. Hopefully the check comes soon. But in the meantime I suggest that you get some hard evidence together that your K9B is worth 2K+.

You’re probably right, you should have found a reputable re-builder.

A customer of mine in West Chester physically searched the address with no luck.

I would apologize but I did nothing wrong. I shipped your engine and it was lost by the shipper. I understand I am legally responsible. We may have to let that play out.