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Pete Schaible

Jim, I thank you for your perspective as a business owner.  Without the experience of owning a business I can only imagine how I would handle things.  I didn’t mean in any way that this post puts suspicion on any business or builder’s reputation.  That is the main reason I won’t post the builders name , I wish I could talk about how they fixed the problem and did the right thing.  They do still have a chance to make it right and I hope they do.

Brian, I did ask him exactly that question.  I asked him if he would be expected to pay for the motor if I shipped it to him and he didn’t receive.  That stinks about the missing prop.  I imagine I would have done the same as you.  Fix the problem for the customer by getting them their order, then settling up with the shipping company.  As much as it stinks, I assume that is the cost of doing business sometime.