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Scott Boito

I’ve had a shipping problem in the recent past that ended up costing me some additional money, but my builder never made the shipping company’s problem my problem.  I assume he insured the motor properly and got a check from them, but I was never on the hook for anything because he took full responsibility for the shipment and took care of everything on his side.  That’s exactly how it should have gone down and what I would expect from any reputable builder.

Fortunately (for me) I can’t offer any advice on how to pursue the money from your builder because I don’t think it’s your responsibility in the first place.  While it’s a hard pill to swallow by your builder, he’s going to have to pay up sooner or later and he might as well bite the bullet now before his name is exposed and he loses his reputation and future money as a result of not doing the right thing like he should have already…