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Colm O’Higgins

Ron Taylor, President of Michigan Kart Club,  emailed me yesterday to provide follow up to the Mike Roncke incident at Turn 3 during Race 1 on Sunday.

He reported that a thorough interview was undertaken by the Race Officials with the marshals that were at that location.  From a racers perspective someone was misplaced or was watching the wrong direction for way too long.  It happened and Mike is fortunate this time.

It should never happen again, and I am speaking about the delay in reacting to a kart that was into the wall at the entrance to Turn 3 for over 2 complete laps.

Ron said that MKC will…

…”re-position the Marshal’s Station much closer to the racing line near the entrance to the chicane area and including a safety barrier for the Flagman.  Second, there will be another Marshal’s Station very near the Turn 3 apex to avoid any delay in removing disabled karts from the racing line and to provide a second track status indicator to inform racers of track onditions”.

Good work Ron & MKC.  All of us are thankful for the work you do in the preparation of this prestigious event.

Looking forward to 2014 !!