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Colm O’Higgins

During Race 1 and after 30 minutes had passed (we were supposed to be flagged off but as there was no flag most of us kept going) I came down into Turn 1 at very high speed and a kart was against the wall on my left with the driver Mike Roncke inside, struggling.

Barely enough room to get by.  Passed that with a fearful face as no one was on the scene, no Yellows.  Expecting a Red flag soon I raised my arm and slowed.

On the next lap, the 2nd pass, he was STILL THERE   Trying to get untangled from his kart and equipment.

The ambulance was still not moving as I entered the infield and it seemed as they did not even know.  Many of us were waving to them.

On the 3rd pass he was  STILL THERE.   Some people were waving to slow us down. Vintage racer John Copeland went straight on at Turn 1 to a Marshall’s post and along with Don Axe and Keelie Fritz-Mann and others ran to assist the now arriving ambulances and crews.   Drivers are often not qualified to provide medical help.

Finally a Red flag.  After the 3rd pass.

Ron Taylor, President of MKC emailed me last evening to say that he would find out what happened and moreover why it took so long, over 4 minutes, to raise the alarm.

Keelie’s camera has it all.

We await MKC’s report.  Thankfully Mike Roncke is basically okay, but lucky.