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Colm O’Higgins

Michigan Kart Club is the Race of the Year Award winner if I had a vote!  They were pleasant throughout, fair, and helpful.  Plus they deserved a bigger turnout.

Many factors affected the numbers:  school in in, weather fluctuations, a lot of races during the previous weeks, and the price of practice on Friday.

Glad to attend a 2nd year and pray that a 3rd will occur.

The track surface is uber smooth, except for the transition onto the oval from the infield.  Another  improvement needed is BIG brake markers at Turn 1.  YEAH, BIG.  Apex curbing in the Infield would be great too, along with white sideline marking.

And remember that we Vintage drivers get tired at 31 minutes (Sunday there was no 30 minute flag)  Oh well, more track time!

Let’s talk this up and gain some serious numbers for 2014.