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Phil & I had a BLAST!   

LOTS of track time indeed!  We were down an engine, so not as much as we COULD have enjoyed, but that’s racing!  Must thank my wrench (yeah YOU hubby) for getting me out there much of Friday! 

& I’d like to thank Bob Cole for teaching me all necessary nuances for enduro starts, AND trading off grid support. It’s difficult to have some fun AND have a volunteer role, only possible with enough help. THANKS Bob for making it a coordinated effort!

Surface was great, MIS (staff & support) were wonderful & MANY thanks to our Fire Departments for manning our corners. Truly a plus, especially as we even needed your skills on Sunday. Hope all is well there –

Thanks to the rest of the MKC team, I will totally chime Dan’s msg earlier.

& GLAD to hear from all of you that attended & enjoyed –

Keep fingers crossed for next year!

Fran Kish