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Dan Rudd

Thanks to all who attended the MKC race at MIS! It was a great time!

As has been mentioned, unfortunately the turn out was down and we’re not exactly sure what to attribute that to. I did hear that there was an event close by for Tags and shifters and of course the uncertainty in the weather always plays a part. As it turned out there was only one light rain issue and it only lasted a few minutes. But if we knew that ahead of time we would all be wealthy meteorologists. The threat of rain did require we condense and adjust our Sunday schedule. As for Saturdays weather, it was Perfect! Sunny and upper 60’s.

Friday practice was great for those who attended and there was no shortage of track time. We were running each group about every 30-45 minutes depending on track pick up etc. If you came on Friday you would have been well prepared for Sat and Sun. My son even skipped a practice session because he was getting tired. How often does that happen?!? Unfortunately the numbers were less that what we needed to make Friday practice cost effective. When planning the event we had far more interest in Friday practice than we had people show up, and MIS track rental comes with a big price tag.

The MIS facility is top notch! As for the track condition we heard nothing but praise. The track surface was a nice as you could ask for. As mentioned, the drop offs in the apex’s of a couple corners were a bit big but we tried to have them all well marked with cones so as nobody got off on one. Maybe we can have those filled up in the future. We focused alot of attention on turn 3 when setting up the track and made a couple adjustments throughout the weekend based on racer feedback. We will continue to try to make it as safe and smooth as possible. We did reconfigure the entrance onto the oval from the infield but found that there was still enough room for racers to follow any line they wanted. Some smooth and some not so smooth.

Ron Taylor, race director, did a great job and I’m sure is looking forward to not worrying about race issues for awhile. Bill Anderson and crew made registration and scoring flow as smooth as possible. We learned a lot from last year and once we ironed out a couple technical hiccups Saturday morning with the help of our IT man, Jim Goodall, things sailed along. Fran Kish handled our grid line up for a very busy practice day and race days and made all the announcement to get the people notified as to where to be and when to be there. It sounds like the PA system issues of last year have been resolved. Frans husband Phil handled our fuel dispensing and helped with safety tech and scales and anything else necessary including helping me with my sons kart.  Nancy and her crew were on top of getting everyone signed in and getting their pit passes at the gate. Chris and crew kept on top of track pick up and got everyone back to the pits when their kart didn’t. And I did the safety tech in between wrenching on my own stuff. Additionally there were many many others, from spouses and kids (I had my daughter making brake markers for turn 3) to friends and neighbors who helped in making this race go off as enjoyably as possible for all involved. Thanks to all!

Next year? We hope so! Keep supporting karting and MKC and we’ll see you next year.