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Robert Lawson

Hope everyone made it back home safely!

Bit of a bummer to see the shy turn-out. The Club booked the extra day for practice and yet the participation didn’t meet the expectation. That sucks!!!!!

What a nice place, when the new garages are built it will be that much better. Not complaining, our garage was good. Close to everything and could hear announcements clearly. Met a host of new guys all around us in the garages and had quite a good time motivating and helping each other. A brave few hung around after hours and got just a hint of how the veteran road racers…….unwind!!!! Very cool to see, meet and hang out with new first time road racers. Makes you feel that there is still hope for us after all.

The track was exactly as we left it last year. Little change to the infield entrance, nice big markers made it much more comfortable. Didn’t notice any change to speak of at the exit of the infield but its very wide there and easy to pass and find a relatively smooth line.

Plenty of guys off the track on Friday, the track sweepers got some overtime for sure! The weather was not nearly as bad as first thought, Friday morning was a bit cold but was manageable for me by lunch break. Saturday was perfect racing weather, clear sunny sky’s and what felt like 70’s temps. Sunday was ok too. MKC did a good job condensing so all the classes could run before the expected rain. Just some drops here and there, nothing to stop the program.

Only down side was the turn around between practice groups Friday. It was hard to judge when to fire up water cooler engines (a bit chilly) so as not to be too cold or too hot before getting out. We did get a FULL DAY of practice in!!!!

There was just one incident and I don’t want to speculate as to what happened or to whom. In the first race Sunday the EMT’s had to head out to the coned area of the oval. Couldn’t tell what happened from the roof of the suites but the person was brought to the infield care center and then transported out of the speedway. Hope all involved in that are ok and able to continue when feeling better.

We’ve all been to races that were visibly down on numbers and you always wonder if that venue will continue to be available in the future. I certainly hope so!

A (northern) season ending event for all the Clubs up here would be sweet. Leaving today knowing I’m done for the year was a bit depressing but fitting as well. It had a big race feel and some very good races in many classes with close finishes. Love watching a good race no matter the class.

Thanks to Ron, Bill, Chris, all the folks in registration and the pit lane/grid/announcer (can’t remember her name!) they did a good job in the face of a weak turn-out.

I’m ready for next year already!!!!!


Jeremy, Ditto! Had a blast, learned a thing or 2 about my engine and this time I had good tires! Looking at the inside of my engine after tech made me feel very good about the effort being that rich. Still have not seen 1000 deg of EGT out of this thing yet since going back to fixed jetting. Been on too many high speed lockups this year and still gun shy with tuning. I’m sure lap times will come down even more yet after the infield gets more use. Still, 1:24’s are hustling that thing. Impressive!