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Charles Skowron

In all honesty, you may be doing it sort tongue-in-cheek. But you might not be the no-chance-in-winning underdog you may think.

In my 15 years of following karting, the single greatest upset in a kart race I have read about. A real case of a true underdog, with limited resources, racing in a high-profile national event, going up against bigger, stronger, much better supported and funded competition, and winning.

Happened back around 2002. And he did it with an old, bent, beat-up, mid-90s Tony Kart.

Anyone want to guess whom I’m referring to? (Hint: he won another high-profile event very recently).

In any case, I too will be interested to see how the old kart matches up against the much newer competition. Personally I’d like to see you do well, just to prove that you don’t need the latest, greatest, model; with $700 ceramic rotors, or magnesium everything, or one-million different adjustment options, in order to get a great result.


Chuck Skowron