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Ryon Beachner

If you could send them over that’d be great!

2 Wild Karting
23011 Moulton Pkwy Suite B-11
Laguna Hills, CA. 92653

Also, I was mistaken, it’s actually an old Esprit.

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As many of you know the Streets of Lancaster GP is a slightly polarizing event, some drivers saying that it’s dangerous, and others saying it’s one of the best events of the year. Regardless of opinions, in years past it has shown that it does tear up a bit of equipment, and in order to get around this, some drivers have elected to use their older equipment. For instance, last weekend when at LAKC I spoke with Billy Musgrave about it, and he mentioned he plans on running his old arrow AX9 (that has been broken and welded more times than we care to remember) in place of his usual Tony Kart. Same with another driver who will be competing in TAG Senior, who actually went out, and bought a frame that had already been broken just so she could use it as a sacrifice to the gods of Lancaster. This got me thinking, with all these people trying to use old beaters, why don’t I make fun of the situation and say I’m going to race in something completely silly? So, what did I come up with? This beauty! A 1997 Tony Kart Extreme that I basically took in trade from a customer and haven’t been able to sell to save my life. https://fbcdn-sphotos-f-a.akamaihd.net/hphotos-ak-ash3/680306_672814299396055_858226393_o.jpg So last night one long time friend and customer Ken Manning posted the picture to facebook as a joke. Well, what started off as a joke turned out to be not too horrible of an idea after Mike Jones of DKC stepped up and offered to cover a set of race tires for me, and Eric Molinatti graciously offered to pay for my fuel if I actually raced it. So I figured why not? I only need a half way decent finish to end the season with 3rd in the Championship for S1, and this way I don’t have to worry about wadding up an almost brand new kart. Also, it will be pretty interesting to see how a kart that was made when I was 5, compares to the latest and greatest in Tony Kart’s, CRG’s, Birel’s and everything else I’m sure that will be there. Speaking of the latest and greatest, what am I up against? What features do I not have that these new fangled karts have? Well, I’ll start at the top! Caster/Camber Adjustments? Nope! Front Tuning Bars? Nope! Ride Height? Sort of! Heel Bar? God no! 50 mm Axle? 40 mm! Stylish Bodywork? Breadbox! Graphics? Nope! It’s also sporting a nice vintage set of 6 inch wheels from back whenFormula K and Formula Super A was a thing, but those obviously have to be removed as the SK Tire is 5 inch but, the list goes on.. Also, by this point if you have any experience whatsoever with old karts, you’re probably thinking “Ryon, this is a horrible idea because theres no way those brakes work!” and you would be wrong! It has aftermarket Kelgate brakes, and they work like a dream! Somehow! Now, obviously this thing needs a little work before it’s legal to run, so heres my game plan. First things first, The wheels, tires, seat, engine, radiator, rear bumper, steering wheel and “data system” it currently has on it all gets ripped off. Then it’s off to the welder to have tubes installed that will allow me to mount a full width CIK rear bumper. After that, my normal engine, radiator, data system, steering wheel, and seat will all be put in. Seems relatively straight forward. However there is a couple small issues, and this is why I’ve asked for help. I can’t find any 40mm sprockets or axles. All my normal vendors don’t carry them, and not one of my customers seems to have anything. (Not that I blame them, 40mm is 15+ years out of date at this point) So, if anyone has anything that may work, and you would be interested donating/lending them to me for the sake of entertainment and science that would be a huge help. You can shoot me a PM on here, or add me on facebook. Thank you!

I have plenty of 40mm gears after someones hair brained idea to try a 40 at the supernats last year. I think we will pass on that this year so where do you want me to ship them?