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Todd Renaud

Chuck, I think that 2008 was the last year the Suzuka was made? I know they didn’t make it in 2010 – so you might want to verify that…Suzukas are like poodles – people either love them or hate them. They were a stiff chassis and had a few points on them that people didn’t like. That being said – depending on what you want to use it for it might be great. There is a doc that a guy produced on setting them up that is the bible of them. I can send it to you if you PM me. I had one with a Clone/Chonda on it and it worked really well on longer tracks. I got the chassis very inexpensively so it was worth it. I would say though that its a limited resale market on them so don’t overpay on the chassis – no matter what shape its in.

Also, I would go to the eknclassic forum and do a search on Suzukas. There is a thread or two on them that will tell you all you want to know.