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Walt Gifford

You’re trading a high CG for too much rear weight. If only karts were a little bigger. Any 4 stroker laydown seat I ever tried stabbed me right in the middle of the back because the top curls in.

If you’re tall like me stay away from anything made by Lightening Light, their XL seat is a M at best. Thought they sent the wrong one but nope and they burned me both ways on shipping plus a restocking fee.

What some people call XL ain’t XL so get some measurements if you’re buying mail order (if you can find a karting vendor that can use a ruler).

Best you can hope for is to get your shoulders the same level as your knees. I’m using a Deep Seat 15.5EB tilted back a bit and it fits great Let me know if you find out something I don’t know.


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