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Simraceway PKC

The Simraceway Performance Karting Center – Lap Record Challenge: Over $1,000 in cash and prizes!

The top kart racers on the west coast will compete in this inaugural Track Record competition to see who can achieve the lap record on National Reverse configuration at the Simraceway Performance Karting Center at Sonoma Raceway. Up for grabs are cash prizes, a VIP parking spot (“Lap Record Holder Parking Only”) and of course buckets of bragging rights. The event will have multiple classes on September 14th and 15th, 2013.

Event 1 – September 14th – Arrive and Drive Class Competition.

September 14th will feature a competition between drivers behind the wheel of the Simraceway Performance Karting Center’s Arrive and Drive Sprint Kart fleet. All drivers with outdoor kart racing experience are welcome as well as graduates of the Simraceway PKC’s Kart Racing Course, and participants of the Arrive and Drive Race Series. The competition will consist of four 15 minute-long driving sessions over the course of the afternoon.
All drivers upon registering for the event will be weighed.
The Simraceway Sprint Kart fleet are proven to show that 40lbs = .7 of a second, top lap times will be adjusted accordingly. Karts are not weighed down with lead for this event.
Each participant will drive two different karts: two sessions in each kart back to back.
The lowest average lap time consisting of each driver’s best lap in each kart will be calculated for deciding the winner.
Price to compete: $295
Winner takes $295 in Simraceway Performance Karting Center credit to use on a future program of their choice.

September 14th Schedule
12:30 Registration
1:00 Drivers Meeting
1:30 Group Sessions Begin
4:00 Announce Event Winner

Event 2 –September 15th – Open Competition.

September 15th will feature competition during Open Practice for the following driver classes: Junior TAG/Rotax, Senior TAG/Rotax, Senior 125 Stock Honda Shifter, and an unlimited class for the likes of ICC shifters, rotary karts, electric karts, you name it.. The timing system will run from 9am to 6pm and the fastest laps set throughout the entire day by the drivers of each class will determine the winners. All drivers upon registering for the event will be weighed.
Lap times will be adjusted for body-weight differences between the top drivers as follows:
.3 of a second per 30 lbs for Stock Honda / Unlimited
.4 of a second per 30 lbs for TAG/Rotax
Kart weight is not considered.
Tires are open.
Fuel is open.
Karts / driver gear must comply with regular Simraceway PKC open practice rules / safety regulations.
Fast time may be set for each competition class at any point in the day between 9am and 6pm; timing runs all day.
$60 for open practice (SPKC punch card use accepted).
$20 for competition entry / transponder rental. The Winning Prizes
Unlimited Class
$450 cash -or- 20 punch Open Practice Punch Card (retail value $600).
VIP parking spot in the paddock (your name will be posted as the Hot Lap Challenge overall winner).
Stock Honda
$200 cash -or- 10 punch Open Practice Punch Card
125 TAG/Rotax
$200 cash -or- 10 punch Open Practice Punch Card
Jr. 125 TAG/Rotax
$150 cash -or- 10 punch Open Practice Punch Card September 15th Schedule
8:30am Registration Opens
9:00am Open Practice / Competition begins
6:00pm Open Practice / Competition ends
6:00pm Winners/Awards Announced

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Jared Thompson, Karting Manager: 707 225 4011