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Peter Zambos

I agree that the Winter Kart Show which, I believe, is put on in conjunction with Mid-States Kart Club, is a good venue.  Their dates are okay, the only conflict could be FWT.  The atmosphere is nice, and I’d really like to see it grow.

I’ve never been to the PRI show, and now that it’s in Indianapolis, it’s a heck of a lot closer to me.  Since it’s not exclusively for karts, however, I’m sure that many karters are unsure if they should bother, as it’s a gamble regarding how much of the show is geared towards them.

Bob, if you put a show with the Supernats, you have a couple of issues.  You could put on the show in the days just prior or just after the races.  Then racers and businesses would have to swallow a bigger hotel and food bill, businesses would have to transport more gear, drivers would have to try to get more consecutive vacation time and would likely not spend much at the show, as they just dropped their wallet at the Nats.  You could hold it on the same days as the races, but people do need to sleep at some point.