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John Matthews

Motorcycle shops have a much bigger market than kart shops will ever have. That’s because the average consumer can walk into a bike shop and finance a bike that they can ride to work, or on a whole series of FREE trails close to their home.

There’s an order of magnitude difference between the gross revenue of a motorcycle dealer and a kart dealer. They also are required to FLOOR PLAN much of that eye candy you are looking at….

There are two distinct groups on this forum, those who have run a karting business and those who haven’t. Of course the perspectives are going to be very different between them, but most of us who have run shops or built karts started out as racers so we know a little about that.

Karting in the US IMHO can only grow from good local programs. If you have a bunch of good local racers they will create the demand for regional and national programs. There just isn’t a good way to do it from the top down in this country.

As for trade shows, I’m someone who wrote the checks to exhibit so I can only imagine what it costs to actually put one one…..

I wouldn’t hold my breath :-(