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Rod Hawkins

Wow, no wonder why karting isn’t growing there isn’t even an organized regular national or series of shows to show off the products?

Maybe this is too bold of a statement but if anyone thinks karting is going to go without significant investment and sacrifice, they are fooling themselves. Consumers get really interested and drop serious coin after they go to events like CES, SIMA, Interbike, etc…

Maybe I am seeing things different but when I live in SoCalif and I find it difficult to find a kart shop that is open when I am off work, then when I finally do find an open shop but it mostly looks like a mechanic garage with maybe 1 kart on display and a bunch if karts in the back being worked on, it doesn’t invite new people to the sport.

I get excited and love and have loved walking through showrooms of various sports I am into. Bike shops, moto, surf shops, stereo stores, etc. The eye candy is what motivates people to want to spend money. Even though the economy continues to suck, people buy things that they are really into, they find a way.

It’s too bad that there aren’t some serious players out there that are willing to invest or give back. Maybe it would need to be a group of race drivers like Hamilton, Schumacher, Zanardi, Tracy, etc… Guys that have money and even have a vested interest in the sport to help it grow.

I remember as a kid going to stereo stores it bike shops with my dad and getting really excited about equipment. I still do it to this day, unfortunately in karting the only place to get that is looking online or seeing the karts at a race.